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Applicability of Pneumatic Piston Vibrators
Edit:Ningbo Fenghua Zhenling Pneumatic Components Factory   PublicDate:2017-06-01

Now in industrial production, a lot of work can be done to the piston vibrator to complete. Piston vibrators are now mainly used in materials handling, vibration screening, hopper swing, to help fill the packaging, casting sand mold vibration, mortar and other applications.

According to the vibrator energy consumption and working principle, in general can be divided into electric, pneumatic, hydraulic energy type, its technical form were rotating / linear / magnetic, rotating / straight and rotation. Piston vibrators with the help of vibration can be any type of bulk material for feeding, tamping or sorting operation. In most cases, vibration has a "support" effect on gravity. For example, due to the influence of moisture, the bulk material may adhere to each other in the hopper, clogging the hopper. In this case, the vibration can be broken up, so the material flows out of the hopper under gravity.

Piston vibrator Another application in concrete. The vibration of the concrete is the vibration of the sand and the stones so that they reach the most compact state, thereby removing the middle bubbles. In the process of tamping, mainly rely on gravity, but the vibration will be helpful and can greatly improve its effectiveness.

The above two kinds of vibration will reduce the friction of the material. Piston vibrators do not have to support gravity. Sometimes the piston will make the material beating, and gravity will make the material back to the material. With the help of a linear piston vibrator, we can give the direction of the jitter of the material and adjust the amplitude to change the step size.

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