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R series of pneumatic vibrators encountered a solution to the problem
Edit:Ningbo Fenghua Zhenling Pneumatic Components Factory   PublicDate:2017-06-01

R series pneumatic vibrator small size, simple design, but can give a very strong centrifugal force. R series pneumatic vibrator shell is made of special aluminum alloy processing, the internal refined steel ball in the rolling. The shell has two horizontal holes and two vertical holes, the inlet hole for the standard pipe thread. In the actual use of R series of pneumatic vibrators may run too fast or too slow and so on, then how to solve these problems?

For the newly installed R-series pneumatic vibrators, the first place where the vibrator is installed must be flat, and in normal circumstances there will be no problems such as the R-series pneumatic vibrators running too fast or too slow. It is also possible to adjust the pressure regulator to increase the speed of the R series pneumatic vibrator. Also check the air supply pipe is connected to the air inlet or exhaust, the hose is not bent, the trachea is not big enough caliber, is not too long, the same check the diameter of the valve used.

For already installed R series pneumatic vibrators, you can remove the muffler or exhaust pipe, if not in their case the vibrator is working properly that the silencer or exhaust pipe may be blocked by dust. Use gasoline (or kerosene) to clean or replace new ones. Also check the presence of dust in the filter, the air supply pipe is rusty, monks particles may block the filter, check the air supply pipe leak, confirm the air compressor can work properly. Check if the hose is bent. The vibrator's lubricating oil will be bound, and a few drops of gasoline or kerosene can be dropped from the air inlet to remove the bond. If there is dust accumulation, you can use gasoline to clean.

R series pneumatic vibrators in use may encounter some minor problems, you can check their own equipment. Our company specializes in manufacturing R series pneumatic vibrator, stable performance, quality assurance, if any questions, please contact us.