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The basic operating principle of FP-M series vibrator
Edit:Ningbo Fenghua Zhenling Pneumatic Components Factory   PublicDate:2017-06-01

In the production of how to choose FP-M series vibrator , you need to pay attention to some important things. For example, the use of FP-M series vibrators need to calculate the natural frequency of materials, silos, troughs, etc., but in actual use will not be the value obtained before.

We can use cousin and calculation formula to correctly select the vibrator force and frequency and installation location, but the "fine tune", that is, the optimal adjustment of the FP-M series vibrator is the actual test-adjustment problem. Experienced field engineers can quickly select the best vibrator type and mounting position.

To achieve the best adjustment of the FP-M series vibrator, it is recommended to add a pressure regulator or needle valve to the air supply to achieve the purpose of controlling air flow and pressure. It is the best way to adjust the vibrator to find the natural frequency of the material to be fed, to be tampered or to be sorted.

The operating frequency range of the pneumatic external vibrator ranges from 2,000 rpm to about 20,000 rpm or about 35-350 Hz. The data given in the technical data sheet are obtained under the following conditions: the vibrator is placed on a fixed test stand, the vibrator is in a non-actual working state, that is, the amplitude is zero but the frequency is better than the actual installation on the workpiece High 2-3 times.

Usually the natural frequency of the material will be higher than the frequency of the vibrator, so use a more powerful vibrator to do a job.

Do not let the vibrator work at full capacity. When using a new vibrator, it is recommended to operate at 3/4 full load, so when the power is reduced due to wear and aging, it can be properly compensated by increasing the frequency. Note: Pneumatic rotary and linear vibrators can not operate at pressures above 7 bar (100 PSI).

FP-M series vibrator is installed through the gears eccentric copper counterweight, the air into the hole impact of the gears produce thrust to rotate the gear, rotating eccentric counterweight centrifugal force to produce vibration, bearing driven gear, low noise, product quality and reliable , Welcomed the new and old customers to inquire.