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Practical Problems and Solutions of NTP Series Vibrators
Edit:Ningbo Fenghua Zhenling Pneumatic Components Factory   PublicDate:2017-06-01

Summer due to the temperature is too high, NTP series vibrator in the use of the process of small problems, many people on how to deal with such problems is not very understanding. Failure to handle or dispose of the NTP series vibrator for a long time will cause damage. From the analysis point of view, NTP series vibrator internal problems, especially in the long-term high-speed vibration of the state is very prone to small problems, it must always be checked.

What are the good solutions for the high temperature of the NTP series vibrators? From this point of view, in fact, is not no way, after the actual use of the test proved valid solutions are:

1, NTP series vibrator internal cleaning

For NTP series vibrators, in the actual use of the need to maintain a certain clean, which is necessary to improve their working environment in a way. If there is more dust in the air, then it is easier to enter the product inside the resulting wear worse. To solve such problems can install a filter on it.

2, NTP series vibrator temperature

In the summer due to the high temperature easily lead to NTP series vibrator internal dry, will affect the vibrator vibration effect. To solve this problem only need to install an oil mist (to the vibrator inlet note a little oil) can be resolved.

Of course, the probability of NTP series vibrator problems is relatively small, but also relatively easy to solve, which is NTP series vibrator can get the majority of customers love an important reason.

Our company specializes in the production of NTP series vibrator, with a variety of models can choose to meet the different requirements, the existing specific models are NTP-25, NTP-32, NTP-48.