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The Characteristics and Application of GT Series Pneumatic Vibrator
Edit:Ningbo Fenghua Zhenling Pneumatic Components Factory   PublicDate:2017-06-01

GT series of pneumatic vibrator works is based on compressed air as the working power source, air consumption is small, safe and energy-saving products. GT series pneumatic vibrator is suitable, can be used in high temperature or low temperature environment, is an ideal device, and GT series of pneumatic vibrators small size, less trouble, easy installation and maintenance, applicability. GT series pneumatic vibrator widely used, mainly for food, medicine, chemicals, pesticides, feed, ceramics, glass, cement, fuel and other powder processing industry, for parts or structural parts of the fatigue test, hopper jitter, pressure Solid and bowl-type feeder, sieve and filter; shaking table and mixing equipment.

GT series pneumatic vibrator features:

GT series of pneumatic vibrators from the extrusion of aluminum shell manufacturing, for special applications, such as the pharmaceutical industry. The housing may be made of stainless steel in which a steel ball or rotor is rotated at high speed on the rail to produce centrifugal forces. Suitable for use in dusty or humid working environments. In the air inlet and exhaust port has a standard pipe thread, so as to ensure smooth exhaust function. Has two hanging holes with two horizontal mounting holes to facilitate installation in any difficult installation position.

The application of pneumatic vibrators;

GT series of pneumatic vibrators smaller size, vibration frequency can be modulated according to the air flow to control, the main purpose is:

• Compaction of the material in the container or mold. In the separation machine, sieve or filter on the separation of different particle size of the material.

· Help from the chute and hopper to deliver material. To prevent the bottle or similar products in the conveyor equipment stuck or blocked.

GT series pneumatic vibrator installation and operation:

Before installing the GT Series Pneumatic Actuator, make sure that the mounting position is carefully selected to ensure the best working results. The mounting surface must be clean and flat. The non-flat mounting surface will cause the vibrator to malfunction due to the torsional vibration of the vibrator body. The vibrator should be installed as far as possible so that its sphere, the direction of rotation of the roller to support the flow of materials. The air intake direction can be easily determined by the correct mounting position.

I produced a variety of models of the GT series of pneumatic vibrators, according to different use of the environment to buy different products to meet different needs, please contact us to buy.