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Practical Application of Piston Vibrator
Edit:Ningbo Fenghua Zhenling Pneumatic Components Factory   PublicDate:2017-06-01

In today's society, with the rapid development of modern industry, while promoting the low-cost automation, piston vibrator , pneumatic vibrator development and application of the production has played an important color. Whether it is the traditional manual mechanical operation, or small and medium-sized automatic processing machinery, there are some large-scale production line is also widely used. Can be the original manual machinery can use pneumatic components, especially in some industries using a dedicated cylinder, you can turn the original manual operation into a semi-automatic or fully automatic, and the action quickly, improve accuracy.

Piston vibrators are increasingly used in industrial production. The following small series is used to list some examples of standard cylinders and special cylinder products used in various industries. Practice has proved to be a good effect.

1, machinery manufacturing industry

Drilling and milling machine cutting feed, need to be smooth movement, in addition to the hydraulic power can be used to achieve steady and strong requirements, in the light processing, the use of air pressure, with gas-liquid speed device to promote the oil in the cylinder The internal movement can also achieve the same steady-state effect as the oil pressure, and the cost of the control system is greatly reduced. For precision turning, such as lathe, in the case of higher stability requirements, you can use the standard cylinder with the design of the buffer governor.

Pneumatic components in the automatic assembly, transmission applications, such as: up and down movement, rotation, clip material, etc., can be based on the needs of the action, the use of a variety of pneumatic actuators, with the appropriate pneumatic circuit to achieve the action, With high speed, smooth, simple and simple maintenance features.

2, automobile and motorcycle manufacturing industry

In the automobile manufacturing process, especially the body, door welding, require a lot of fixture. The application of pneumatic fixture is an example. Reference to the European and Japanese products designed for the industry designed and manufactured car clamping special cylinder for the body side door and other welding provides the ideal device. For other parts of the processing, such as cylinder block, cylinder head processing plane, fixture can also be used in large quantities such as thin cylinder (Japanese specifications) and rotary clamping cylinder, can make the structure compact.

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