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Application of Piston Vibrator in Concrete Mixing
Edit:Ningbo Fenghua Zhenling Pneumatic Components Factory   PublicDate:2017-06-02

Fenghua Zhenling Pneumatic Components Factory is a professional manufacturer of pneumatic components. The main products are piston vibrator , K series vibrator, GT series vibrator, R series vibrator and other products, product performance is reliable, reasonable structure, Widely used in metallurgy, food, textile, machinery, chemicals, electronics and other industries.

In recent years, piston vibrator in the dry powder mortar mixing station, concrete mixing station and other equipment on the weighing bucket is widely used, mixing equipment, cement, coal ash, slag and other powder measurement due to the industry's own measurement accuracy requirements comparison High, and more than a few powder in the hopper is easy to bow, cutting poor. The traditional vibration help is usually chosen to attach the vibration motor, and the attached vibration motor itself is large on the eccentricity of the scale body is relatively large, in the vibration process scale body also increases, so will cause the weighing error increases, (In the high-speed rail, the bridge, the real estate industry on the concrete quality requirements are particularly high); the same time, due to the installation of the installation of vibration motor uniqueness, will cause weld cracks, scale steel plate cracking, etc. problem. Pneumatic vibrator in the mixing device on the main advantages of high frequency, micro shock, fast installation, energy saving, low failure rate (the structure itself is destined not easy to damage), the damage to the device itself is small. So the application of pneumatic vibrators in the mixing device is also more and more, Sany Heavy Industry, South Road, New Road and Bridge and other stirring industry pioneer began to use, and the user's widely recognized, a lot of mixing equipment manufacturers gradually use pneumatic Vibrators instead of the traditional attached vibration motor, some have been using the mixing station users also use their own pneumatic vibrator to replace the original vibrator.

In general, the piston vibrator has the advantages of safety and environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency, easy installation, etc., in the industrial production has been widely used in the mixing industry, the use of powder vibration will be more and more.