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SK is the application and advantage of the percussion hammer
Edit:Ningbo Fenghua Zhenling Pneumatic Components Factory   PublicDate:2017-06-02

SK is a kind of common percussion device, also known as the door hammer, air hammer, etc., SK Department of the percussion hammer is characterized by simple structure, impact force, easy to use, mainly used for automatic prevention Powder in the pipeline, hopper, silo transport in the adhesion, hanging material, plug and bridge and so on. SK Department of the percussion hammer mainly rely on pneumatic pressure, so that the hammer to reach a faster speed, so that the hammer violent impact pedestal, the impact force to the pipeline, resulting in vibration, to achieve the purpose of falling powder.

Fenghua Zhenling Pneumatic Components Factory SK Series Lee hammering hammer features magnetic large, falling powder effect is good, percussion interval can be adjusted, simple structure, easy installation, low failure rate, low maintenance costs, energy saving. SK Department of percussion hammer impact force, noise, a variety of models to choose from. Impact and action time can be controlled, easy to install. Can be used in explosion-proof, dusty, humid and other environments. Widely used in chemical fertilizers, chemicals, food, medical, pesticides, glass, cement and other industries. Compared with the traditional vibrator, the SK is more smooth and easy to remove the hammer, the air hammer through the compressed air as the driving force, instantaneous release of energy, to promote the internal hammer hit the bottom, the strong momentum to the hopper wall, effectively Breaking the material formed by the arch bridge, so that loose material in order to achieve the purpose of smooth unloading, and the traditional vibrator often can not make the material formed by the destruction of the arch bridge, but the material vibration more compact.

My company's SK is the number of striking hammers through the strict number of knock detection, reliable quality, low maintenance costs, showing a high design standards of durability and work ability. My company's products by the majority of customers trust! We have excellent quality, reasonable price, perfect service, wholeheartedly welcome domestic and foreign people came to discuss business! Excellent quality, from the professional.