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The working principle and advantage of R series vibrator
Edit:Ningbo Fenghua Zhenling Pneumatic Components Factory   PublicDate:2017-06-02

R series vibrator as a roller vibrator, simple design, easy installation, resulting in strong vibration, by the customer's favorite, has been widely used in industrial production. For most people, the R series vibrator working principle and characteristics are not very clear, the following Xiaobian speaking on the R series vibrator has the performance and characteristics.

R series vibrator is a small vibrator, the shell is made of special aluminum material, the internal steel ball rolling. R series vibrator is the use of air compressor discharge of high-pressure gas through the trachea access to the product inlet, when the gas to push the piston up, the piston gas chamber by the squeeze, squeezed gas through the exhaust discharge. When the piston is running up to the end, the gas is automatically switched to the vent direction through the tank and the airway, allowing the gas to enter the chamber on the piston. The high-pressure gas pushes the piston down to the end, the first cycle ends, the second cycle begins, followed by continuous reciprocating cycles that are vibrating and shaking the vibrator, resulting in vibration.

R series vibrator is the compressed air as a power, air consumption is small, not only the use of safe, energy saving, and can be used in poor environments. R series vibrator failure rate is very low, easy maintenance, without too much cost. Here to talk about the advantages of R series vibrator with the use of it

1, suitable for high temperature or low temperature working environment, can also be in the wet, dust, explosive environment.

2, small size, easy installation, the failure rate is small.

3, vibration force, vibration frequency and amplitude can be adjusted by adjusting the way the air pressure.

4, for structural parts or parts of the fatigue test.

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