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Performance and Application of K Series Pneumatic Actuator
Edit:Ningbo Fenghua Zhenling Pneumatic Components Factory   PublicDate:2017-06-02

K series pneumatic vibrator as a pneumatic ball-type vibrator, the shell is made of special aluminum alloy material, the internal steel pipe is also hardened, the ball can roll on the raceway. K series pneumatic vibrators are equipped with nylon end caps on both ends, can be used to locate the ball, but also to prevent dust and water into, so K series pneumatic vibrator can be applied in dusty, humid environment. K series pneumatic vibrators generally have four mounting holes, two horizontal two vertical, can adapt to different installation location. K series of pneumatic vibrators into the inlet and outlet are standard pipe thread, so that exhaust can be drawn from the pipeline to ensure that the exhaust barrier.

K series pneumatic vibrator has the following characteristics:

1, stop or start quickly, apply to manual or automatic system.

2, pneumatic vibrator small size, less trouble, easy installation and maintenance.

3, the rotor by a pair of heavy pre-lubricated with a dust ring ball bearing, special grease to ensure its working life.

4, vibration force, vibration frequency and amplitude, can be adjusted in the movement.

5, the vibration of the pneumatic vibrator by the rotor positive and negative torque caused by the imbalance caused by the centrifugal force.

6, only compressed air as a power source, low air consumption, both safe and energy saving, is used in frozen or high temperature environment, the ideal device for wet, dry and dusty or explosive environment.

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