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Piston vibrator maintenance of small knowledge
Edit:Ningbo Fenghua Zhenling Pneumatic Components Factory   PublicDate:2017-06-01

The use of piston vibrator is more and more common, then its stable motion parameter field is how to calculate it? Piston vibrator stabilizes the periodic motion parameter domain boundary discrete points, which are connected together to form a closed loop, which surrounds the area of ​​the stable motion parameter domain. The system corresponding to the points within this area has a stable period of vibration and the system corresponding to the external points of the zone does not have stable vibrations.

Does the piston vibrator need lubrication? This is a very important question. In general, lubrication will increase the life of the piston vibrator, because it can reduce friction. However, the lubrication of the ball vibrator is a waste of lubricant, because it does not significantly increase the life of the vibrator, and T series wheel vibrator in the case of no lubrication will soon be damaged. Due to the special materials and treatment methods (fluorine coating, etc.), the working friction can be minimized, so the piston-type vibrator (FP-series) DAR-series vibrators also have good emergency operating characteristics. Nevertheless, after the end of the work must also add lubricants to prevent wear and tear increased.

For each minute need to add a few drops of oil or not more than the number of such problems, but can not be generalized. Reciprocating or piston air compressors can provide sufficient oil with air, so no need to add lubricating oil. Unfortunately, the same type of compressor will be too much leakage and bring too much oil, which will be due to adhesion caused DAR-series vibrator frequency and force drop. Also for compressor with built-in air dryer, there is a need for a gas-operated oil mist to prevent premature wear of the T-series DAR-series and FP-series vibrators.

For the maintenance of the piston vibrator is necessary, the periodic maintenance can effectively extend the life of the piston vibrator, use to reduce the failure.