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The structure and application of SK
Edit:Ningbo Fenghua Zhenling Pneumatic Components Factory   PublicDate:2017-06-01

SK has been gradually used by many workshops, in the dust explosion, damp, is required to explosion-proof workshop, the need to shake the equipment, etc., because the use of power is prohibited or is not convenient to use power and can not manually control , As well as the installation cost is too high and many other reasons, you can choose to use the fool-type SK Department of percussion hammer.

SK advantage of the percussion hammer:

1, no power requirements, can be in the wet, open air, explosion-free environment to use.

2, you can adjust the impact force by adjusting the position of the exhaust port.

3, the impact frequency can be set freely, easy to use

4, you can adjust the frequency through the throttle.

5, air hammer with a floor, easy to install and transmit impact, good insect resistance.

SK Department of the percussion hammer application areas:

SK Shock hammer can be used to shake off the material attached to the inner surface of the container, such as: silos, hoppers, filter exports, reaction tanks and pipelines. SK is a hammer that can be used in humid environments, explosive atmospheres and open air environments.

SK system and the hammer hammer structure and work mode:

SK Department of the percussion hammer internal air to promote the compression of a spring. Each time the piston through the exhaust port, will produce a strong exhaust. The piston is impacted by the spring against the impact plate inside the air hammer. The piston then closes the exhaust port and repeats the above process at the set speed of the throttle valve.

Select the SK Department of the percussion hammer when the hammer should also understand the basic performance and use of the situation, so as to choose the appropriate SK Department of percussion hammer to work production.