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BVP series vibrator how to choose
Edit:Ningbo Fenghua Zhenling Pneumatic Components Factory   PublicDate:2017-06-01

How to choose the most suitable BVP series vibrator is not just a single calculator and icon, each of the different applications have to use a different selection method. Usually the BVP series vibrator is weakened by structural stiffening or other resistance. Finally, we have to adjust the BVP series of vibrators, through the revision of the air pressure so that the vibration frequency close to the object's free frequency or the best working condition.

In many practical use often used in a number of different types of BVP series vibrator, in this case to determine what BVP series vibrator to consider the cost, the use of the environment and other issues. Usually to consider the seven factors:

1, BVP series of vibrator installation space

2, the noise generated by the vibrator

3, the frequency of different vibrators

4, maintenance costs

5, the use of air consumption

6, the amplitude of the vibrator

7, lubrication situation

In addition to the above factors, sometimes also need to consider other factors. For example, sometimes the use of gold wheel vibrator is necessary. It is small noise, the same power consumption and only half of the ball-type vibrator. In other applications, if no noise is required, the ball vibrator is adequate and economical.


1, according to the size of the required force, from the table below to select all possible vibrators.

2, do not use the noise of the vibrator if the request is quiet.

3, do not choose T-, DAR- and FP-series vibrators if oil-free work is required.

4, if the required air consumption is small, do not choose ball and roller (K-, R- and DAR-series) vibrator.

5, check the installation space.

6, the cost of comparison. Note that the GT-series vibrator can be used to complete the work of two ball-type vibrators. In the long run, the cost of the GT-series is low.

BVP series vibrator as a commonly used series of vibrators, with adjustable air pressure, responsive, fast, vibration and other characteristics, the use of easy installation, is widely used in industrial production.

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